Join The IT Community

Hello everyone, first let me tell you that Community IT is the vision of three college friends that have a passion for computers and everything related to them. We started sharing this love for pcs since we were kids growing up in Vernon, British Columbia when we built our first computers and started creating our own private network following the Apple Talk protocols with a token architecture just to send messages between us.

As we got older we took different paths inside the technology arena, but we always had in mind to create a website where we can share what we have learn’t and attract other professionals to this site so they can share their knowledge as well.

So,why do we want to create an IT website if internet is full of them?

Well, the main reason behind this is because we want to offer this content for free and we would like to be a referring page for IT pros and newbies.We know there are tons of websites with information about different technologies but we would like to merge this knowledge into one website, that is our mission.

After purchasing this domain we have been working on creating content for the areas we have expertise, these areas are:

  • Hardware and Networking
  • Software Development
  • Virtualize Computing.
  • Cloud and Datacenter technologies.

We know technology is always changing and evolving and we recognize that it is almost impossible to keep up with these changes .We also understand that is not posible to know everything, but we know that a good IT professional knows how to look for solutions online and they really appreciate when there is a website that offers good content and case studies related to what they are looking for.

We have several years of experience working for Forbes 500 companies and we would like to share this real world experience with others so the learning gap is reduced wherever it is possible.

We would love to get collaborators to write content for other technologies, especially for some vendor related technologies, at this moment we are looking for people with experience in the following areas:

  • Aruba and Juniper (if they a any verification with this vendors it would be a plus).
  • Mobile software.
  • VMware.
  • Ethical Hacking and penetration test.
  • Dell and IBM data center technologies.
  • Linux(Specially Debian based distros)

What kind of content we would like to post ?

Well, we would like to have mostly case studies or real world experience stories because we know that when a problem arrives it is most likely that someone else found a solution, so we would love to have those stories here in this website.

This website is aimed to be launch before holiday season, but we would really appreciate it if you have an IT story to share with us, feel free to contact us via contact info page.

*Important Notice*

Our website is under development at this moment by the fine folks over at CRV, so do not be scared for the actual one. We hired a small team of web developers that are creating a custom made WordPress theme that is going to have a community where everyone of us it is going to able to share with other IT pros and newbies are going to be able to have access to these professionals in other to ask questions and learn from the leaders.